Angel Dust

I'll Come Back

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I've been workin hard, workin hard up to now
But now you kick my ass
Put me down, on the street
I'm sleeping on the sidewalk
Got no food for tomorrow
And if I stole an apple
I'd be damned in your eyes

But I'll come back
Some day, one day
Got to debt to pay
I'll come back
Don't look around
Some day, one day
I'll be standing there
When I'm back

I've bled my hands to repair your big car
Working night and day
To make your ship and your steel
You said I'm no one without your help
I'll show you soon
That I'm not your fool

You're down on me
Screwed my brain, till it hurt
You broke my soul, 'cause I needed a job
But you must realize you drove me insane
You can't go this way any longer anymore

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