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When they found you that night
Curled on the floor
With expressionless eyes
On the last skip of awareness
They knew that this time
Some matters moved too far
You were on the other side

Do you hear
Somewhere deep inside
Somebody is calling
Is it your name?

You feel like your soul
Was torned so much
And nobody couldn't save you
Nobody couldn't help
There was no one by your side..
You can see it now
Fragile ideals, destructive success
And never spoken words
I give you freedom
Life is only a pain
Illusion, far agony
And deeply scare loneliness

Now I know it
And I am ready
Show me the way
Whoever you are
I see..

This is a place full of silence
In this place I can't hear my heart's beating
But I can touch the heaven over my head
This is a place filled with oblivion
Without mysteries, without shame
Where the day is never ending
I feel something strange
At the bottom of my soul
When my spirit
Took off from the ground
I saw fields of flowers
I heard that quiet voice
I heard your name
But I can't hear your heart's beating...
Strange women holding your hand
Looking in your face
Open your eyes, show you're alive
Your screaming consumed by pain
A fever devours you from inside
You're burning like a torch at night
Poison.. You have too much of it
That's a gift of new life
Poison.. You have to much of it
Don't you understand that?

You're walking on the street
Your confidence lost you
You are following marked
By emptiness
Between death chances
Position, success
Nonsense which you've called
You well know a starvation
Worrying district of helplessness

Where do you go?
Trying to save control
Where do you go?
Disappearing in the rain...