I Looked Into The Mirror, What Did The Mirror Say?

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I looked into the mirror; what did the mirror say
"You're the ugliest kid I've seen, will you please go away"

My feelings had been hurt; I was really crushed
I combed my hair, washed my clothes, my teeth had all been brushed
I took my fathers brand new coat and my brothers blue bow tie
I came back to the mirror to get a new reply
Mirror mirror on the wall, how do I look to you
"Just like that ugly kid," the mirror said as I withdrew

I found my mothers make-up kit and my grandmother's green wig
I spread some lipstick on my lips and made my chest look big
I put my sister's sweater on, I rolled up both the sleeves
The mirror didn't say a word and I was so relieved
Then finally it spoke to me and made me feel so dumb
It said, "You're still weird and ugly...how come?"

I couldn't fool that mirror, no matter how I tried
I spent days and days trying and crying lots inside
I changed the way I dressed and talked, read every fashion book
What's important is who you are--not the way you look
The best reflection on who you are comes from another place
But I bought a brand new shirt and vest and got a haircut just in case!

Autor(es): Barry Louis Polisar

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