Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

I Love Creedence

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I'm Creedence Clearwater Wright
Best friend of Elodie Eye
We've been tight since Percy Elementary
Class of 1985
We moved together out to Philly after college
Took a two bedroom at South & 9th
I sold my violin so we could have it easy
El got her grandmother's money when she died

we laughed like we were queens
& split our ballgowns at the seams
& every single time I'd dream
It was only El & me
But then she slipped away from me
She met a boy from New Jersey
& they fell fast in love of course
I swear it felt like a divorce

this September I'll be 26 years old
& El's the only one besides my dad
Who's ever said I love you Creedence

took got a job downtown
It's an hour on the bus each way
Typing letters for a lawyer in a bad toupee
It's dumb I know but it pays okay

& did I mention I moved out
I got my own place off of South
& I've been living hand to mouth
For going on a year by now
& yes I still see El around
It's different but I can't say how
She cut her hair it's back to brown
She's living with her boyfriend now

& since September I've been 26 years old
She's still the only one besides my dad
Who's ever said I love you Creedence

Autor(es): Owen Ashworth

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