I Love Only You

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In the 1980's I was busy hating,
All of the intangible, the impossibly impractical ideas I'd never understand.

And in the 1990's, it was far too exciting for words,
And now I'm drinking adult drinks and now I have the time too think that sex is so

Who gave you the right to bruise my little heart,
You tore it right apart, I was saving it for art.
You knew just what to do, so who gave you the clue,
I love no-one else, I love only you.

We will capture all of London,
With disposable cameras,
These sights were here before we were born,
They'll be here when we're dead but they'll remember,
They're touched by out lives.

Oh we'll burn all their retinas,
With our patience and our tolerance,
Will kick and moan and spew and scream,
But we'll know exactly what we mean.

Oh who taught you the knack, was it skill or was it luck,
You pulled me into pieces and now I'm truly fucked.
Don't want to be alone, I'm useless on my own I love no-one else, I love only you.

Autor(es): Darren Hayman

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