I Love You Much More Than Myself

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I love you much more than myself
and I even envy myself now.
There's only one, that's with you like me
and I see her in the mirror.

You say that you love me,
I ask you "and what about me?"
You say "I love you too."
you love me and also myself.

I know
that this isn't rational,
there's only me
but there's also me
you're in front of me now
I am laughing to myself
and I'm jealous deep in my heart,
that you're with me.

I love you much more than myself...

There were our old pictures,
I once looked a bit different.
I know that I am the girl
but regardless, I tear up my picture.
I love you now
and envy each girl, that loved you yesterday,
even if it's just me.
My love has no limit, I know it's craziness,
but me and also me,
(we) love you in a tight crowd.

I love you much more than myself...

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