I Love Your Pizza

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Ya know two of the nicest people that we've ever met since we've been here
Is Sam and Mrs Carnegie
And I tell and I just wanna say thank you to Sam and the madam
For havin' us over to their house
They fixed supper for us
And Mrs Carnegie is just a wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful wonderful

Oh Angelina I love your pizza
Sprickeled o'er with lots of sausage
Lots of garlic and anchovies
Across a motsarella

Dear Angelina I do love your pizza
When you use them red hot peppers
You fill-full-full-fill your great desire
To set the world on fire

Pour me a little of that wine to put out the fire here

[ piano ]
Thank you Hargus you're in there

Napoleon you have seen his picture
With his hand inside his vest
Because of heart burned in his chest
He got from eating pizza

Those foreign foods like turnip greens
Hamburgers hot dogs and beans
I gave them up cause nothing beats-a
American dish a pizza

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