Imac Girl

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I gotta click to ask "how do you do"
I gotta click and tell you " ilove you"
I better say we´re kidding ourselves
Or better yet fool someone else
And,as i turn my computeron,
I know exactly that i´m offfor being a different guy in the
Each day i have a nick name
And,i know i´m not that kind of guy
That day just turned me off the wild,
Told you the worlds was all mine
Just trying to keep you online
Made up things i shouldn´t have,
A bunch of lies just to impress
Things seem to work out pretty fine
I´ve gotten out of the line

Imac girl! this time i screwed it up
Pretty girl! how can i turn back time?
Imac girl! to watch you on my cam
Lovely girl! it´s only and all i ask
If i coul i turned back
I tried to show ya i´m not that bad
Imac girl are you there?
How can i tell ya how real i am

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