Imagine E.S.P. (Extra Sensory Perception)

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Extra sensory
Well you were gifted gifted gifted to predict
Extra sensory
Communicating waiting but no words are said ESP
Extra sensory
People say there're tricks
We have five you have six
Extra sensory
So misunderstood
Can't explain so you're blamed ESP

Imagine from somewhere between sun and moon
Into our dimension you flew
A planet that we never knew
Imagine you're gifted with some magic power
You live high in a golden tower
What made you pick this place and hour

Extra sensory
Is it a potion a notion coming from the past
Extra sensory
Is it a prediction affliction how long will it last ESP
Extra sensory
How will we survive
Have you seen what's to be
Extra sensory
Somewhere in you mind
You must know what we'll find ESP

Imagine who sent for you with such success
I don't know and could never guess
But war would be so meaningless
Imagine you've come to haunt our galaxy
There's some mistake it just can't be
We'll always fear what we can't see