Irving Berlin

I'm A Happy Married Man

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[1st verse:]
"A fool there was," said Smith to Gray
"And that same fool was me
Not satisfied with bach'lor bliss
I took a wife, you see"
Said Gray to Smith, "You're crazy man
Why married life is fine
I have the dearest little wife
And let me say for mine"

I'm a happy married man
Yes I am, yes I am
Married life was made for me
I wouldn't choose another
Betch yer life I love my wife
Love my wife with all my life
I'm a happy married man
My wife lives with her mother

[2nd verse:]
I hate to hear the married men
Complaining all the time
One would imagine married life
Was anything but fine
They don't appreciate the wife
Who helps to make life gay
But far be it for me to frown
I mean it when I say

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