I'm Alive (Bad Radio)

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So there i was walkin' down the street
Kinda surprised to be there 'cause...i don't know there's a lot a bad shit goin' on in the world
Rape and murder racism and starvation
And i'm feelin' like i'm doin' pretty good for myself ya know
I'm alive how's that 8x
Any way i was thinking about rap music in general and i feel bad
I mean where you gonna go after the beverly hillbillies rap hit it's peak in the 60's
I'm alive how's that 8x

Hey what do you want something profound in every verse
Jesus loves me this i know for the bible tells me so
I'm alive how's that 8x

I like to drink beer
I like to make love
I like to jam
I like to read bukowski buck naked
I like intellectual conversation
I like to jump around like a maniac
I like to sit very still

Autor(es): George

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