Los Lonely Boys

I'm a Man

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Well my pad is very messing
And there whiskers on my chin
And all hung up on music
And always play to win
I ain't got no time for lovin'
Cause my time is all used up
Just sittin' and creatin' all that groovy kinda stuff

[Chorus: x2]
I'ma a man and yes I am and I cant help but love you so

Well if I had my choice of matter
I would rather be with cats
All the crossing nano-tatter
Moving when there I am a rat

I'm realizing to each other
Thats how strong as I can be
I'm resisting all involvement
With every groovy chick I see

[Chorus: x2]

Well I got to keep my image
While suspended from the throne
Theres no superior kingdom
Full of people all unknown
Who imagine I'm not human
And my heart is made of stone
I ain't never had no problems
And my problems trim when grown

[Chorus: x4]

Autor(es): Steve Winwood