I'm a Pearl Diver

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I'm a hard working pearl diver.
I spend the night on the shore.
I'm a breath holding pearl diver.
I live on the ocean floor.
I was born in 78 and I grew up on an island.
I learned early on the value of the pearl,
I aged and my lungs aged and my strength,
it grew and grew
until I set off out into the world.
I tried beaches and bays that I found along the way
and I made my pay from the pearls I found each day.
Sleeping on the sand, scars on my hands,
here's how I lived my final day.

I woke up early this one morning
cause I had a weird feeling about that day.
I should have noticed the grey cloudy warning
but I swam mysely out into the bay
I dove down deep to feel around
between the rocks and the mud.
There was a sound that dropped down towards me,
a pearly voice from above.
It said, "Wait around,
make yourself drown,
I'll be right down and we'll go to town
and forever just float around."
So I waited and waited and waited and waited
and my weight went away and just went off.
Ssssalty water poured into my lungs
and my precious pearl diver's hands just went soft.

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