I'm Around

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You know I'm around you
Wouldn't be if I didn't love you
I'm going to run through you
You know you're quite a character
It goes that I haven't got a care

When we float down the river
I wonder will I lose you
When we roam through a blizzard
We'll joke and have another cry
I hope I'm not the other guy

We'll never scale those heights again
We've lost our daugther
Let's plan to hide from all our friends
In silent waters

Be carefull of what you are
What you see is just a small part
You must look for yourself in others
And all the places that you go
You see that they are part of you

I want to again be holding hands
With you underwater
And couldnt we get a second chance
To go back and start over

I was thinking before
If it was all my fault
We dropped the baton
Sunday waves and makes faces at us all the time
And I'm wondering what I call mine
Sunday waves and makes spaces all the time
And I'm wondering what I call mine

Autor(es): John Frusciante

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