I'm Back

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Yo, I am such a dancehall queen
I think somebody painted these pants on me
But when I drove past you was standin' on the bus line
Now all my bitches in the club bust, bust wine
Badder then all of them wack bitches combined
I got a lot of bad bitches inna mi bloodline

Mayday, mayday, mayday, I'm back

I rep Southside Jamaica, Queens to the fullest
Money makin' Manhattan, where's Anna? Where's Willis?
Shoutout to the Bronx, Staten Island, bitches dope, uh
Brooklyn, we go hard, Brooklyn, we go hard

Fuck 'em, tell 'em fuck 'em, I fuck 'em, I never suck 'em
The deuces is what I chuck 'em, I duck 'em, I d-d-duck 'em
Fuck 'em, tell 'em fuck 'em, I fuck 'em, I never suck 'em
The deuces is what I chuck 'em, I duck 'em, d-d-d-duck 'em

Bring the heat back; daddy, bring the beat back

Yo! No, I'm not a freak no more
Okay, I'm lyin', daddy, I'm a freak on tour
And I keep it wet, yeah, it stay on pour
When I kick it on the jet they say the freak on board
Oh, that's fly, flyington
I was just givin' the pilot the eyeington

Mayday, mayday, mayday, mayday, I'm back!

Yup, tell 'em no ready, dem no ready, dem no ready yet
How them gon' be ready, ah them ah them ah, so delicate?
Now all the dope girls tryin' to recruit me
Presidential coochie, random man salute me

Autor(es): Nicki Minaj

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