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Oh God, she took me away. How could you take this from me?
How could you take this from me? How could you take this from anyone?

Here we go again with all the disrespect, you fucked up now you'll never forget. So quick to run your mouth about the things I love and what I’m about. My life, my own rules; dealt the hand that has made me cruel. Been thinking about giving up. I know the end is near and you don’t give a fuck.

I can’t see who’s on my shoulders anymore, I couldn't breathe, I couldn't even take a simple step, or even say a word. I am now the only one left standing.

Who are we to say these things?

You, you said so much, so many hateful things. But she never said a single word about you
You hold a grudge, and it’s eating you away
Just take me home. Just take me back home

Ghost of my past, come back to haunt me. Who else should I be?
So I’m not in the middle of this any longer
This is breaking me down. I never chose to be a part of this
I can’t believe the shit you let me believe.
Please set me free

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