Porter Wagoner

I'm Day Dreamin' Tonight

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For nighttime I'll borrow sunshine from tomorrow I'm day dreamin' tonight
We make love together my dreamin' gets better I'm day dreamin' tonight
Oh should the flame smother I dream up another whose lovin' is such a delight
Who's crazy about me and can't live without me I'm day dreamin' tonight
Day dreams so sweet to arrange and day dreams so easy to change
I'm happy so happy and everything's right I'm day dreamin' tonight
[ fiddle ]
Your arms close about me your lips never doubt me it looks like I'm doin' alright
Before it's eleven I'm in seventh heaven I'm day dreamin' tonight
I never am gloomy the gals they take to me I'm feelin' as high as a kite
With magical power I dance by the hour with pretty girls holdin' me tight
Day dreams so sweet...

I hold my dream closer she never says no sir I feel like I'm gonna ignite
It's all fantasy so just let me be day dreamin' tonight
Day dreams so sweet...

Autor(es): Mildred Burk / Rose Burk

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