Daniel Johnston

I Met Roky Erickson

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I met Rocky Erickson

I saw him on public excess television
he said he signed his soul to the devil
I heard him on the radio
singing "Don't shake me Lucifer"

this guy came to McDonald's
said he wanna do a video
he said I worked with Rocky Erickson
I said: "Let's make a horror movie"

we took the bus across town
and we came to Rocky's home
we walked in, it was so eerie
he was playing guitar with his records alone

we were going to make a film
called "The damn thing"
but it never came about
but I always met to his house

his mum would make chicken
and we would watch horror movies
the last time that I saw him
was when he did a show

me and Theresa Goffin
went and saw Rocky play
he sang bloody hammer
and to let it dog

the band was true believers
but the promoters turn the power off
he said: "I've been drinking lots of blood"
a crow ment by old

I met Rocky Erickson

Autor(es): Daniel Johnston / Jad Fair

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