I'm Going Back To My Used To Be

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Clara: I feel sad
Bessie: You feel blue
Clara: I can hardly sleep at night
Bessie: For your man was sore all the time
Clara: And I know I didn't treat him right
Bessie: You're going back to your first love
Clara: 'Cause a good man is hard to find
Bessie: I say you'll have such a grand good man
Clara: Believe me he is sure on my mind
Clara: I'm going back
Bessie: Yeah, you carrying it on back
Clara: I'm going back to my used to be
Bessie: You're going back
Clara: I'm going back, 'cause my man was sure good to me
When last winter when times was rough
Bessie: Look out there, Clara,
Clara: You know your man was in the pool yard
strutting his stuff
I'm going back
Bessie: Clara, you say you're going back
I'm going back to my used to be
Bessie: And it's this morning
Clara: Back to my used to be
Bessie: What can you use him for
Clara: Crazy about my used to be
Bessie: He ain't good-looking
Clara: I love my used to be

Autor(es): James Cox

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