Don Broco

I'm Good

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You took everything, you took the very thing that I thought I was
Beat me up, you put me down and let me know
I never had the balls at all
I'm down in the dumps, they're cheering hip hip hooray
Got you riding their shoulders you're the king for a day

Shake my hand and watch your back 'cause
I'll be sharpening my new claws
I'm a calculated killer, prepared to wait around till you fall

You took everything, you took
The very thing that I thought I was
But this won't be the death of me

Fight if you want a fight, fight if you want, it's all good
I'll lose there's a chance I'll lose
I'll lose there's a chance, it's all good
Shine it's your time to shine
Shine it's your time, it's all good
Know I'll be coming back
Know that I'll come, it's all good