David Ruffin

I'm Just a Mortal Man

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I was just thinking to myself this morning
You know what I thought
Just as helpless I really am
My hair is turning grey
I get a new wrinkle every day
I guess I am just a mortal man

Let me tell you all about it
I cannot make myself live forever
(Never live forever)
God knows I tried
I can't even make one flower grow
It takes water to do that
That feels God knows I tried
But that hands on the clock keep ticking on by
One day young, the next you're old
Now listen to this

Oh I thought I was such a super lover
Did the best I could
And from my side darling I thought you would never, never go away
That's my soul disclaim
And this ego of mine have been betrayed
As I stared at empty walls, I found I'm no super lover at all
Well, you see that's bad, bad
And left him with a scar on this mortal man

I'm gonna get on back to my story
Now I don't know if I'll ever get to go to heaven
Listen to me
But youou never know, even I, even I may get to go
Oh lord
If there's away I could go
I'll leave this human skin all far down below
Say goodbye, goodbye world of being a mortal man

But in the mean time I'm still down here doing the best I can
Shamed,shamed, shamed for being just a mortal man
Can you hear me sayin'?
Oh lord, guess I'm just a mortal man

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