I'm Looking Through You

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And even now there is a world inside the sun
I'm not saying deny it, or try to crucify it
It's just something almost everyone is in

Brazil, osaka, long island all agree
Anywhere in the world
Wherever you could be
Some may offer you an old carcass,
Something washed up on the shore
But can it keep you satisfied just because it's yours?

I'll give you one, you give one to me.

Before you go and trip over me
See I'm a bull in the yard
And I'm gonna get free
Don't graze nothing but quality grass
Don't breathe when the hearse goes past
Houston, tulsa, and saint lou-ass
Took the third right at lexington
Got up around the moon
Won't lie like a friend when I get back
Don't expect, exactly

I'll give you some, you give some to me

It can take some time to really understand
Making someone laugh, a twisted knee, out all night
Dealing with anyone who merely
Takes the upper hand

If you can get at it,
No one can put you down
There won't be any wasted energy or ash around
Witches with the heavies will try and tell you it's not true
But of course, the flashing stuff is good for you

I'll give you one, you'll give one to me

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