Intro (Dangerous Goods)

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~ INTRO (Dangerous Goods) ~

[The Biggie Sound]
Biggie is the best! Biggie true rests!
You ask me and I answerrrrrr

I gotta win and make my success
Why settle for lesss?
It's just a hiiiiiit

It's Biggie...
I'm overcome!...
It's Biggie...
I'm overcome!...


[The Biggie Sound talkin']
My 2nd album dedicated to my niggaz
Ladies and gentlemen! gentlemen! gentlemen!
Thanks for the support!
T.B.S. Thug, Chris Jacksonn and Hennessy!

[J. Glock and Jim Rampage talkin' together]
Biggie is back!

Autor(es): Big Sound

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