I'm Not Going Anywhere Tonight

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I'm not going anywhere tonight, because of something said.
I know, I know, it was meant well, but it still hurt like hell.
Its OK, its alright its just that I'm a little tired of fading interest,
of boys and girls.
You know me and, you know me and I wanna say,
I'm gonna say, I'm not the same, maybe in time.
I'm not making promises in life cause of something I did to my,
best friend, that was way back when.
Not anything was everything then.
I know it's not fair to the fairest of them all (you know who you are).
I've got your picture on a mirror on my wall.
I know you and, I know you and,
but you wanna say in the worst of ways that I'm afraid and maybe too late.
I'm not going anywhere tonight cause I don't want to, I don't have to.
It's my right to be a fucking baby sometimes.

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