I'm Only Losin' Everything I Threw Away

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Mornin' lonely mornin'
Ice cold lonesome raindrops fallin' down
Leavin' lord she's leavin'
She bought a one-way greyhound ticket from this town

Takin' she's been takin'
She's been a long time takin' all of my hurtin' away
Losin' I'm only losin'
I'm only losin' everything I threw away

I'm only losin' someone special who never made me cry
That warm and tender someone who's lips just said goodbye
I'm only losin' my tomorrow my today and yesterday
I'm only losin' everything I threw away

Beggin' lord I'm beggin'
Askin' her please take me back again
Cryin' lord now she's cryin'
But with tearful eyes she slowly shakes her head

Footsteps her fading footstep
Walkin' out the door now I'm alone
Dawnin' on me it's dawnin'
This time she's not foolin' she's gone
I'm only losin' everything I threw away

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