I Seek You

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I’m living here
Day by day
Green flower
In my tray
Type my number
My password
I am here
Hello, world

Hello! How are you?
I’m fine! I’m working too!
Drink some tea? The lunch is great
What you think about this band?

I seek you!
Oh my happiness
Without you my life is gray
I seek you!
I need you so
I need you every fuckin’ day!
All that you keep
All my feelings and my dreams
All that I need
My green flower will never never fade away

Exit light
Enter night
I’m here again
Always in sight

Type my number
My password
I’m here again
Good evening, world

Any news? Are you at home?
I'm still at work
I'm on the phone
I’ve good idea! It’s hard to keep
Please, not now
I want to sleep

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