Marian Call

Ina Flew The Coop

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Ina flew the coop and it was all uphill from there
Things kept getting better at a rate she could hardly bear
She crossed the widest ocean in a little silver bird
From north of north to south of south because he said the word

Ina took the sea urchin he gave her, spines and all
She ate it without flinching, and the boy began to fall
I helped her pack her things, I got some nice secondhand clothes
The kind meant for adventuring -- what will I do with those?

But if ever love astounds you, you have to let it, have to let it
Oh if ever joy surrounds you, you have to let it, have to let it
Oh if ever love astounds you, you have to let it, have to let it

Melody was levelheaded, never looked to leap
But he was wild and willing, plunged in doubtless, plunged in deep
She tiptoed by the edge that he was beckoning her to
And closed her eyes and crossed herself, and what else can you do?

'Cause if ever love astounds you...

Melody jumped in headfirst and thought that she might drown
They planned their hikes and built their kites, they nailed the future down
But now every path is laced with plans unraveled without him
Nowhere left for her to walk but on the rocks around the rim

Ginny, she was never there, not even when she was
Only dated absentee to quarantine her flaws
Not much pleasure, not much pain, and oh so awful stiff
Watchin' everybody else go tumbling off that cliff

So here I am
With this torch
With this flame
With my thoughts
With your name
No regrets
No offense
Damage done
What else could I have -- oh

Ina found true love, but only for a little while
Breakup broke her heart a bit, but couldn't crack her smile
I hear she's headed home again, I hear she's doing fine
Her heart has got a workout -- it's stronger far than mine

Oh if ever love astounds you...

Autor(es): Marian Call