In And Out

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got the t-shirt
got the signed book
got the poster cos my credit's good
got the album
got the single
got to get it all
before it all falls through.

even at the end of it all
there will still be time
to watch it all unwind
and all unfold, the story told
*revolution* in its own timezone
this techno mould will break its hold
and all unfold, and all unfold, and all unfold

so i'm sitting here watching this tele apocalypse
with the montage of the riots in the city as it slips
as a sideline of the slipstream, you have got a new dream
get the newest, get the brightness
man's last round of graffiti

be the darkness, be the craving
get a new soul
slay wasting?
and you have got a new dream
the sidelines of the slipsteam
and all that...

nothing will save you
got to get it all
before it falls through

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