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In the mirror, when I'm debonair
My reactions are my own affair
A body likes to be near the bone
Oh Nancy, Leslie, Jack and Joan
I die when I'm alone, alone

Shake your booty when your back is bent
Put your feelings where my mouth just went
As serious as things do seem
At least you've put me on the team
And friends, do rule, supreme, OK

Oh, pardon you, me (inbetweenies, inbetweenies)
With a capital 'C' (inbetweenies, inbetweenies)
And who would have thought (inbetweenies, inbetweenies)
With a capital nought (inbetweenies)
In between the lines


Spread your chickens when you think of next (inbetweenies, inbetweenies)
What the Dickens if they're highly-sexed
Through channels that were once canals
Do lift the heart of my morale
To know that we are pals, yes

Oh, vanity fair (inbetweenies, inbetweenies)
With a capital 'V' (inbetweenies, inbetweenies)
You give me a share (inbetweenies, inbetweenies)
You take it from me (inbetweenies, inbetweenies)
Oh, jolly good show (inbetweenies, inbetweenies)
With a capital 'O' (inbetweenies, inbetweenies)
It's terrific to go (inbetweenies, inbetweenies)
Hellooo (inbetweenies)

Hello, hello, hello
Hello, hello, hello

Barney Beanies, ultra marinees

Inbetweenies, inbetweenies, inbetweenies, inbetweenies, inbetweenies, inbetweenies

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