Inconsistent Consequences

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I'm just trying to make a point
What you do is judged on a scale
Just something simple like a joint
Means for some a cross with three nails
Others lay lines around the earth
Out in the open, they know no fear

It's who they've known ever since birth
Their path and destiny is crystal clear
Who you know and what you are
Are your borders for how far to go
A lot of idiots can go too far
Connections are what they need to show

Need to show...

You wonder why they just run amok
When the reason is apparent to all
No connections and ran out of luck
Feet lose their ground, then they fall

Unknown people rule over their life
Tell them what to do, how much to pay
Take away their kids, reward the wife
In that life there's no reason to stay

Stay? No!

Nothing left but to stand and shout
Just better hope nobody can hear
When they notice that you've come out
They'll leave you dead inside a year
More it happens, more there will be
If copy cat or just a lost soul
The less people feel that they are free
All that much faster we'll lose all control

Inconsistent consequences
Inconsistent consequences

Autor(es): Inderbitzin / Klauser