Maria Arredondo


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Memories frozen in a picture frame
Those days are gone, things will never be the same
Thoughts of you and the life we never lived
How can I pull through, when you left too soon?

I believe a part of you will always stay with me
I can feel the images of you will never fade away
But I can't go on pretending everything can be the way it was
Why can't you see me, when I'm inconsolable

I wish I'd known better, time was running out
This guilt I'm left with is more than I can describe

And I keep on calling your name just to feel that I'm alive
In this empty space, you can never be replaced
Everyday I try to carry on
Everyday I try to find some meaning in
Being in a place where I'm alone and cold as can be
If I could take it back to yesterday
But you're forever gone, it's inconceivable
It's all just unacceptable

Memories frozen in a frame
How can I pull through, when you left too soon

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