It's Gonna Be A Long Night

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Heard that you are new in town
someone said you party down
well, later I'll be comin' round
we'll rack 'em up and suck 'em down

don't call your mother - don't call your priest
don't call your doctor - call the police
you bring the razor blade - I'll bring the speed
Take off your coat - it's gonna be a long night

there'll be no 2nd chance for you
tomorrow you'll be black and blue
show your friends your new tattoo
911 won't help you, fool

you're gonna suffer - you're gonna bleed
I've heard it all before - you will concede
I'm takin' everything - you're goin' down
lock up the doors - it's gonna be a long night

it's gonna be a long night - it's gonna be a catfight
it's gonna be a gang-bang

Autor(es): Ween