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Your abdomen punctured just beneath the chest
To access the gizzards he soon will infest
This gurgling oblique aponeurosis is split
By an influx of patogens through the hypogastric slit...

Infester [x4]

Your entrails reviled as they`re plagued and infected
By diseased bacteria he has injected
Forced to play host to neurotropic grime
Your innards now plagued with pathogenic slime...

Infester [x4]

Organs sputter and spasm drowned in the cess
Sphinctral vlaves clogged by this viral excess
Your abdomen bloats with virulent eruption
Discontented intestines crepitating in corruption
Eaten from the inside out your life`s being consumed
Festered rot in your guts turns your body to your tomb...

His handiwork your funeral, he watches with a laugh
Sardonic smile across his face as you wretch your epitaph...

Within yourchruning belly necrosis necrosis spreads and thrives
An excruciating way to die: infested alive!!!

Infester [x4]

Autor(es): Col Jones / Matt Harvey