Arrayan Path


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Cimmerian nights, world of disaster
And world of pain
Where time meets space, teel me tell me
Out of the ashes, spiritual leader,
A leader of souls
There in the mystical rain was born a warrior
The truth and rage were seen into

Ivorian the great your destiny
Was predefined
Survivors of the flame a never
Ending tradegy

Child gone astray, magic cam visualise
All your lust
He re-arranged everything else in the land
Fought like a king showed no mercy
And killed with delight
Into the night, feel the air, feel the ocean,
Feel the sky

Ivorian the great the gods of war
Bow with disgrace
And now it feels so great to serve the poor
And fight the dark race
Roaming and taking and raping
Bow to his glory he's the vurture
He's the snake

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