In Jesus Name I Pray

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Father give me strength to do what I must do
Father give me courage to say what I must say
Let that spirit move me I'm nothing on my own
Father stand by me I cannot stand alone
In Jesus name I pray

Father open up my eyes to your wonders all around
Father let me see the good and beauty of this day
Fill my heart with love for my fellow man
And if I'm tempted father father save my hand
In Jesus name I pray

Father help me through the troubled days that lie ahead
Let your light shine before me that I may find the way
So let me stop oh father or fold beneath my load
Father guide my footsteps hold me to the road
In Jesus name I pray

Let not hunger be my guide nor fear be my master
Father let not envy be a part of me in anyway
Father search my soul take away my fear and doubt
Any smallest that you find there father cast it out
In Jesus name I pray

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