Ink Bleeds Through

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Long for the words of a forgotten time
you can't reclaim the days
in search of pillars of granite thoughts
crumbled lay to waste
constant clouded visions of a former self
eyes deceive the soul
carry confusion in your pocket
burden on your sleeve
try a concept I call self control
by all means quench your thirst
but take your sugar with shit first
words more than words when made in thought
but actions beat the clock
quick to drown when the tide grew thick
beg for the storm to stop
trade your frame for a respected breath
before you try to speak
master of the disappearing act
returns to wet his beak
pied pipers tune heard by all
followed footsteps proves a blind fall
take back all that was said
when ink bleeds through the meaning is dead
surrender, your weakness is to blame
not heredity's name
coward, to point the finger at blood
and the ones you love
surrender, choke in pains noose
fuck your excuses
coward, lost inspiration sound
pressure beats integrity down
answers run in circles as the questions build
both hands broken and tongue tied
scar your flesh with an oath
now viewed as a joke
no bottle for embarrassment this time.