In Love With A Gangsta

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Baby, I know that right about now you might think
That we ain't going to make it but don't worry
Believe in me and call my name whenever you need me
I'll always be there for you no matter what my daddy says

Daddy I'm in love with a thug
Daddy I'm in love with a gangsta.
Daddy I'm in love with a thug
Don't be mad cause I'm in love with a gangsta.

I never thought that I would meet the girl
That would stick around even though you told me
That your parents use to say I told you so
He's a bald headed gangster
And through his eyes I see insanity
But girl that never stopped you
And to this day I rock you
You're my girl
And you're the one that's always been around
When I needed love you held me tight
You kissed me through the night
People told you that I was violent
People told you that I was crazy
But still we both remain as one
When you feel pain, I feel the pain
You never left my side
When you was mad you kept it all inside
You never told me matter fact you use to hold me
And that was just like nothing
Like the world was made for me and you
You're so damn strong
I dedicate to you this song
Cause you're the woman that's seen the way
I've now became a man
I now make money off my raps
Don't need to take fools off the map
But I will if I have to don't think that I went soft
All things be the same
I'll put a hole inside your brain.


I'm gonna thank you for those times
You put a smile upon my face
You've always been able to make me see
That life be rough but I be tough
I gotta keep on fighting
All them trials and tribulations
Life ain't never been fair
But I gotta stay on top to make it through
I gotta make it can't let no muthafucker take it
I always keep it real with the shit that I reveal
I can't let all them evil th