I Want To Break You In Half

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If you have a soul I'd like to meet it,
If it's darker than the night don't think I'll buy it,
I won't do you wrong, I wanna break you in half.

Can I have a minute of your time? I'd love to waste it
I wanna meet you in the middle of the night, I want you to hate it.
I wanna bring you up, I wanna break you in half.

Can you feel the spit upon your face? Go point the finger,
I'll wave red in front of your face, I'll make it linger,
I won't do you harm, I wanna break you in half.

What's wrong baby-faced, cold-blooded killer?
Hold my sister in your arms, she says you thrill her.
I won't do you wrong.
Make you run to the hills.
Make you piss your paints.
I wanna break you in half.

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