Lúcia Moniz

In My Dream

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Lay me down -- lay me down
Let me sleep
It's all that I need
I had a dream
Felt so good -- felt so right
Could only be mine
And in this dream

There was a boy who
Reminded me of all that is good
With his eyes
He spoke a language
That's way too beautiful for words
In my dream
He says

"Follow me and fall in love
It's all that I am (about)
I will follow you and
You will fall never again"

I don't know -- I don't know
It's all very strange
I had a dream
Perfect time -- perfect place
Perfectly safe
And did I mention

There was this boy who
Could mend a broken heart
In seconds
Just one touch
He wrapped his arms around me
Releasing all the pain and anger
In my dream
He says

"Follow me and fall in love
It's all that I am (about)
And I will follow you
And you'll fall never again"

Then out of nowhere
Without warning
Down comes the rain
And all my thoughts are washed away
A hurricane with rude intentions
Blowing my mind
Across the universe
By now my memory is fading
Into the light
Can hardly focus in
I can't believe I missed the ending
Dream incomplete
What could be worse

I wake up

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