Sheryl Crow

In Need

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Every night I dream you're next to me


You say my name

You stay close enough to keep me here

Then disappear

When we're face to face


And if you carry me tonight

I would be strong enough to fight

And when you're weak and can't go on

I'd be the bed you lay upon

And blue is blue

And so am I

'Cause I want to be with you tonight

And you're not the only one in need

You know everybody's watching me

And what they see

Is me watching you

In the middle, time is creeping by

And I wonder why

You're so removed


Come on baby

Life is just a net into which you dive

And I'm getting

Closer to you now

If I love you

Will you run away

And if you stay

Will I disappear


Autor(es): Sheryl Crow

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