Inner Predator

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Carnivorous creature
Stimulates my flesh
My soul
My brain
Libido and pain
Inner Predator, tyrannous Imperator
...frozen blood is being stanched in festered veins
In alcoholic sulphur
Tight up with chains of sezual flagellation
Further straight towards degeneration
Now slowly deep in anal cave
My phallus so stiff to make your body nailed
All those senses are being ravished right now
In the name of approaching orgasm
Now we're stripped
Upon the altar of Master
I consider myself as a god
Embodiment of pleasure's getting faster
Lost in spell
Lost in life... lost and damned
Lost in solitary plague... in solitary sickness
These celestial tortures are thunderous
Initiate cyclone and headliness
I'm obdurate and perverse
Impudent and dual impulsive
Before I'm not a tempter anymore
I'm merciless disembodied
My neck is broken for this perversion
Existence deflection...
Come on! Let shout
My calmness
I wish my eyes weren't so white
Twisted character godlike defective
Rebelion inside of predacious mind
Inner predator...

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