Acid Death

Inside My Walls

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A colorful world spins around me
As I close my eyes and dive
Deep into my subconscious
A swirl of colors closed eyes
Vision never betrays

What I see within me
Where I am inside me
I am timeless, void and vast
Darkness envelops but I welcome it

My mind opens doors to other dimensions
See places and events unfold
Things unheard of
To the human, human mind

Inside, inside my walls
There is a place
Between yin and yang
Inside, inside my walls
A place of solidarity
Where nothing touches me

Inside, inside my walls
The future in unveiled
I sink deep within it
Inside, inside, inside my walls
And find all that might could, might could be

My body transcends above
Naked but dressed in blinding light
Hands extend and touch the threads of fate
Fate of millions in the tips of fingers
The power of the mind in motion
The power of the mind in motion

Inside my walls
My mind opens doors
Opens doors to other dimensions

Autor(es): Acid Death