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Haniman-Janiman, If I had my own house
Haniman-Janiman, With a dog, a cat, a mouse,
Haniman-Janiman, I'd plant two my favorite trees
Haniman-Janiman, I'd water them being on my knees.

Haniman-Janiman, My dog with the cat and the mouse
Haniman-Janiman, Would drive away cheeky crows
Haniman-Janiman, Trying to peck all my fruitage
Haniman-Janiman, And I'd defend with a hammer-sledge.

Haniman-Janiman, As long as I'm not a war-horse
Haniman-Janiman, Foozle hammerings would cause sores
Haniman-Janiman, To one of my trees - by subject
Haniman-Janiman, The end of this story is tragic.