Daniel Amos

Instruction thru Film

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"And so the angel told Tom if he'd be a good boy
He'd have God for his father and never lack joy.
Goodnight, Tom, sleep tight, Tom."

These are not deeds that save you
For love is the fire that must claim you
Whispered half-prayers in the night
Turn off the lamp and you turn out the light

Narrator on film:
Tom remembers to wash his hands
before meals and to brush his teeth at least three
times a day while cutting down on in-between-meal snacks."

Story book pages' rustling cease
At clock's last chime the locks released
And silence beats his silent drum
Space, with gaunt eyes, bids you come

Here is the cure to avail you
God nailed on a tree to replace you
Eclipsing the luster of light
Thoughts that are dark as the darkest night

Narrator on film:
Tom knows that proper grooming
is the by-product of a healthy attitude and high
moral fiber. Tom likes people, and people like Tom."

These are your drowsy days in vain
You will not wake to sleep again
Will come the hour when you will never
Sleep again but wake forever

Boys on detention, pay close attention
To sound instruction, through film.

Narrator on film:
Tom is polite to classmates and teachers,
"Please" and "Thank you" says Tom with a smile!"

Autor(es): Greg Flesch / Terry Taylor / Tim Chandler