Insurrection Ave

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They wanna isolate the left
isolate the right
and all of us
They're gonna polarize the blacks
polarize the whites
and everybody gets caught up in the fight
I read revolution on the Berkeley walls
while the red threat waved to the comunist fall and from down here
I read four letter words on the bathroom stalls and in the union halls
the American Revolution is unfinished there won't be peace until there's justice I've got my home-made bombs homespun charms I'll meet you at the corner of Skid Row and Insurrection Ave.
I get no dough from the Pentagon I can't subsidize my family ties with the IM Fund keep the workers working the Guvna say cool off some cool off but I'm feeling red hot I'm feeling tension in the melting pot They're gonna blur threat and catasrophe they're gonna blur class lines they're gonna blur all the history you can't see an enemy you cna't define They're gonna urge you to God and country they're gonna urge you to cross picket lines and while the trading is free far overseas they're retouching borders we're all chained behind

Autor(es): American Steel

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