Baphomet (Alemanha)


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Fantasize - of what you never be
Personal chaos in your mind
Daily private war
And you really care
Do you ever try to get away?
You have not been the first
And you won't be the last
Struc down by your own fist of fate
It led to a speachless, ever growing rage
And you wait for the day to cry it out

Get in my way join for us to be
There's your tomorrow fellow can't you see
You got to make it just for my own tense
Live for today you got to make it

Intense - live your life
Intense - make your day
Intense - you don't know about tomorrow

I'm alone and there's no sanity
And I will try do it my way
If I dive inside and I will guarantees
That I won't regret it any day

Don't cry what is lost
Be glad what you have
Isn't life really worth no fuckin' risk
In my personal view two thirds aren't enough
And I will try to feed my inner need
Get in the ring that will cover me
See what you want I can clearly
I got to make it I can never fall
Now that I got it it I will live for

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