Headhunter D.C.

Intense Infanticide

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Chaotic violence in new dimensions
Acts creating fatalities
The insane plague burns the brain
White galleries become the targets

Maniacs hungry for life
Miserable, bastards, despite of heart
Proud of their cruel mission
Kill, kill, only kill!

Their victims are innocent an new-born children
The butchers kill and cut them off

I have something to say
It's worth never been born
'Cause in the white gallery
The butcher will wait for you

Fast movements, one more victim
Blood on his hands
State of excitement
He's a cureless maniac
Today is not allowed to be born
Because of the intense infanticide
Abominable murders
And the world turns to the other side…

Brutal crime, intense horror
I wish I'll never be there
Well-judged thoughts

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