Intercourse With a Limbless Cadaver

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The limbless lifeless stump
Decapitated and detruncated
The gaping slit glistening wet
As post mortem insertion begins

The torso collapsing as I thrust
I violently violate the body
My thickening erection is throbbing
As the split gut looses the entrails

Semeniferous sodomy ensues
As ejaculate mixes with auto-digestive fluids
Spermatic necro-enzymes
The cadaver flaccid and cold

Coital dismemberment
Inhale the noisome stench

The decomposed anus is ripped
The feel of flesh in my lips
My penis, caked with blood
As I fuck the cadaverous stump

The limp unresponsive corpse
Is eviscerated during intercourse

The spilled guts and loosened bowels reek
The gutted carcass satisfies my needs
Post-necro-coital bleeding leeks from the slit
My body contracts in orgasm as I shoot my load