Intergalactic Lover

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I was your boyfriend girl lieutenant lover flight commander
Member of the air force, remember when I bought you a Porsche?
Diamond rings with roses, I put pearls in your noses
Put you in heels, paid your school loans and tons of bills
I ripped eight thousand threw a stack up in the fireplace
You couldn't believe it, your mom was there with a sad face
I had you accounts, three million with big amounts
You wrecked your Impala, I seen you at the beauty parlor
Gave you a check engagement ring, four million dollars
Your friends were surprised, your sister couldn't believe her eyes
I walked in with cape, with jewels, on, you know I'm the captain
Outside by the Cadillac three brothers rappin soundin wack and
I kept on steppin legend status, you know my rep and
I see you at eight, turn your pager off, don't be late

Chorus: repeat 2X

Supergalactic lover!
Comin from the projects on the hill
Supergalactic lover!
In my monkey-green ragtop Seville

[Kool Keith]
Exquisite background, with spaceship pictures up on the wall
You changin lingerie quick, you put on pumps, standin tall
Tell me what you thinkin, at the table while you drinkin
You got stress, tell me love, you need a fly dress
Important reasons I will care for you in different seasons
Daytona Beach, catchin the sun, layin on a pillow
Stop your days of worryation lookin out the window
Captain of program, girl I run this Enterprise
Open your eyes, now you realize, now put on thigh highs
Tie your boots up tight, very tight with all your might
Come in the front row, you're a star in a private show
I taught you well, gave you earrings that I bought you well


[Kool Keith]
Sippin real smooth wine, galactic glasses, wearin maskes
Her suit is armor leather jacket, I'ma wear a bomber
Dark black hats, remember Cato and the Green Hornet
I step up on it, test the flight switch, move a nice switch
Adjust the tempo makin complex into somethin simple
A masquerade party while bartenders, pass Bacardi
Lemon juice or orange bintz, parked with a sunroof
Brown ragtop, spaceship movin ridin down your block
Power jets millineium, level five is next
(Crank up the space, beam up)


Supergalactic lover! (5X)

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