Interred in Dirt

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Convergence of evil descending on you coming to rip you apart demons of chaos slashing your flesh feasting on your beating heart body contorts writhing in spasms your watching your draining blood veins are deflating lungs now collapse decompositions begun deflating lungs now collapse decompositions begun symnptoms of death now starting to show flesh is beginning to cool brain is still holding litting ideas onset of death is so cruel your life flashes before your eyes approaching the scene of your birth starting to realize that you are dead soon to be interred in dirt interred in dirt.
Dirt is cold and damp blanketing my body.
Worms starting to feast on my rotting flesh.
A soulless shell laid to rot the blood no longer flows.
In my veins or by my hands.
Find myself lying in.... A crossless tomb, decaying in this womb.
No marker no headstone.

Reaping the fruit of a deviant life paying with no amity penitence now serves you no purpose too late for you to atone eternally to be tormented never to be put to rest ruing you horrible earthly subsistence wondering what will be next so evil the outcome the sum of deceit devious penalization requital for a vile existence never you to greet cessation never undying interred in dirt somewhere between heaven and hell tortured forever in this potter's field to never be welcomed in hell.
Welcome in hell.

Autor(es): Lowbrow